The Lady Behind
CVs By Louise

Hi, I am Louise! CVs by Louise is my baby, my passion I have nurtured for 20+ years.

Hi, I’m Louise and I am behind all of the CVs 😊

Louise founded CVs by Louise after she began crafting CVs and applications for her friends. Witnessing their success in securing interviews or landing jobs fuelled her passion for this work. Coming from a background in human resources and marketing, Louise seamlessly transitioned into roles involving staff recruitment. She has encountered numerous CVs and empathised with applicants whose potential might have been overlooked due to an inability to effectively present themselves. She caters to job-seekers throughout Australia and receives enquiries from clients in England, America, and Ireland (her birthplace!). Crafting tailored documents for diverse countries intrigues her, constantly engaging her fascination with the evolving job market and the contemporary CV’s evolution. Recognising that her clients excel in their professions but often lack time, technical expertise, or guidance, motivates Louise. She’s driven by the prospect of preventing them from missing out on opportunities. CVs by Louise boasts exceptional reviews, reasonable package rates, and a track record of successfully aiding clients in securing interviews for their desired positions. Allow her to assist you.
Here are three fun tips about Louise –

I hold a special interest in mentoring youth / disadvantaged groups in writing applications and preparing for interviews.

I have a particular interest in nurses, trades, oil and gas, mining, teaching, administration, and management resumes.

I have five children. Yes, it is madness but I still make time to write. I can hear you asking, but how does she look so good?!?! It is all makeup and photography my friends, magic, and trickery 😊